Products and Services

Following is a brief listing of some of the products that we offer and the services that we can perform.  Please contact us for additional information:


This section is presently under construction.  A list of land, engineering, computing, and other contract/consulting services that we can provide in addition to our normal prospect generation and evaluation will be added in the very near future.

Software Applications

We hope to add some custom applications for processing and presenting oil and gas exploration and production data in the near future...


Data Products

In the course of our normal prospect generation and evaluation work, we are constantly acquiring the additional data that is needed for our evaluations.  As a result, we already have on hand a very significant inventory of oil and gas related data for the Permian Basin and a few other areas.  We can also obtain and provide other data that we don't already have on hand by special request.

The following products are generally based on data obtained from public data sources.  In some cases this data has been enhanced through additional research by Myers Oil Company personnel.  In most cases we offer this data at prices below what the cost would be directly from the original data source or from any other data vendor.  In other cases, the data may be freely available from specific data sources, but we provide it in a more conveniently used format.

If we don't have the specific data that you require, then you can either contact us to see if we might be willing to obtain it, or you can check out our links page for other oil and gas data vendors who may be able to better meet your needs.

Texas RRC Production Data Included are monthly records of oil and gas production, generally available for all producing oil leases and gas wells in the state since 1993.  Information for some specific leases and wells extends further into past history.  Additional production and well test data since 1970 may be provided upon special request.  Also included are basic identification data, such as RRC district, county, field, reservoir, operator, and property codes and names, along with API and common well numbers.  Some of this information can be freely obtained from the RRC ACTI web site, but we provide this data in formats that can often be much faster and easier to use.  A number of different formats can be delivered, including full producing entity reports, summary reports, graphical production plots, comma delimited files, spreadsheets, and IHS Energy's 298 format.
Texas RRC Well Header Data Includes basic identification data for all wells in the RRC well database.  It is primarily intended for use along with the digital mapping data listed below.  We offer it at lower prices than directly from the RRC.  For more detailed information regarding this data, please refer to the RRC web site.  On request, we can provide this data in other formats such as comma delimited files, spreadsheets, and IHS Energy's 297 format.
Texas RRC Mapping Data This includes mapping culture data (e.g. survey boundaries, roads, pipelines) and well locations for all wells in the RRC's geographic information system.  We offer it at lower prices than directly from the RRC.  For more detailed information regarding this data, please refer to the RRC web site.
University Lands Well Data 
and Documents
This data is freely available from the University Lands Technical Data Library.  However, we reorganize the data into a form that can be faster and easier to use.  This product is still currently under active development.
Scanned Log Images We obtain and scan log images from a number of different sources, but especially the Univerity of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology, and the Univeristy of Texas Lands offices.  We use high quality commericial grade scanners from manufacturers such as Contex, Vidar, and NeuraLog.  We apply propriertay image enhancement and data compression techniques to the log images to insure best quality while minimizing required file sizes.  We can provide digital log images on CD, DVD, or via internet download from our site.  We can also print and ship hardcopy logs at either full or half scale.
Integrated Well Database This product is still currently under development, but will integrate data from all of the above sources into a single, multi-table Microsoft Access database.  We will also be developing related applications.
Custom Data Requests We can supply combinations of data from any or all of the above data sources, custom processed and packaged according to your specifications.  Please contact us for more information.
Future Plans We hope to add production and well data for New Mexico.


Once again, please contact us for additional information regarding any of our products and services.

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